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Counter Strike 1.6 Settings / Configuration After Steam Update

 Scris de Lcnn la data de Sam Oct 07, 2017 6:51 am

First of all I will tell you what settings / configurations you need to enter in your CS 1.6 game console.
fps_max 99.5
gl_vsync 0
gl_ansio 0
cl_mousegrab 0
m_rawinput 0
Put these two commands (cl_mousegrab and m_rawinput) to “0″ to remove mouse acceleration.
rate 25000
Sometimes I play with rate 30000 or 35000 … Just try these rates and see which one suits you better and play with that one.
cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
fps_override 0
ex_interp 0.01
m_filter 0

Resolutin: 640 x 480 (Best Counter Strike 1.6 Resolution). It is very important to set this resolution!

Counter Strike 1.6 Settings / Configuraion after steam update (in Options)
Now, open Counter Strike 1.6 the game, go to “Options” and uncheck these settings:
Run in a window
Wait for vertical sync
Enable HD models if available
Allow custom addon content
Low video quality. Helps with slower video cards

Counter Strike 1.6 Settings / Configuraion after steam update on Set Launch Options

Now, you have to put these settings / configurations on “Set Launch Options”: -nomsaa -nofbo besides -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -freq 75 or -freq 100 or 120, depends on how much refresh rate (Hertz / HZ) your monitor can support.

To get there, right click on Steam icon from Start Menu, click on “Library”, go to the left corner on the top of the page and press “View” and press “Game Details”. Then right click on “Counter Strike” and click on “Properties” … Now, click on “Set Launch Options” and paste these commands: -nomsaa -nofbo

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